3 Month Coaching Program

Are you ready to feel enlightened in your parenting to empower your children so you can be more calm, connected, and joyful in your everyday life?

Let me guess…

You fear that you are parenting the wrong way and damaging your children

Your partner is not on board with your parenting style

You are frustrated that your children do not listen to you and you are unsure know how to truly connect with them

You fear that your children will be unsuccessful in life and it will be your fault

You are at a loss for what to do with your children’s behaviors and wonder what you have done to cause this

You are exhausted and just don’t know where to turn to now

I get it! You want your parenting to be easier…

You want to wake up feeling energized and confident in your parenting

You would love to feel calm without the high emotions, the chaos and lack of results

You want your children to feel LOVED rather than being yelled at all the time

You want less tantrums and more listening and cooperation

You want to feel connected to your child and know that you are doing your very best!

Take a deep breath and imagine…

you transformed your overwhelm with the day to day life of being a parent to a CALM one, especially in a pandemic

you LESSENED the weight of WORRY on your shoulders

you confidently and empathetically were able to SET BOUNDARIES with your children 

you built HOPE and TRUST about your children’s future

you woke up EXCITED to CONNECT with your children

you laughed more and did the things that TRULY make you and your children HAPPY

you found your AUTHENTIC style of parenting

your children could freely confide in you and feel lighter in their being

What if… NOW is the time to feel cool, calm, and connected in your Parenting?

You may be getting excited to start this journey, but you have some questions…

Can I really transform who I am as a parent? What if I am just this way and can’t change?

I’m so busy and overwhelmed already… Is becoming a conscious parent really worth it

My kids are getting older. Could this really help them or is it too late?

Truth be told…

Becoming a conscious parent can seem like a lot of work and even impossible at times…

If you don’t have the support or someone to guide you on your journey, it’s easy to make some critical mistakes, fall off track, and wind up right back where you started.

In fact, without the right guidance and support, you’ll likely stay in the initial learning stage instead of actually applying the principles to your life.

This is exactly why I created this 6 month group coaching program, Enlighten your Parenting to a Conscious and Connected One


Enlighten your Parenting to a Conscious and Connected One

A 6 month group coaching program where you’ll learn how to be calmer and more connected to your children, heal your inner trauma, and live a more conscious and happy life!

Yes, I’ll be guiding and supporting you on your transformational journey to becoming the parent you’ve always wanted to be!

Hi, I’m Dinuka Ranasinghe, Your Conscious Parenting Coach!


I am first and foremost the mother of 2 amazing boys aged 11 and 9. They have been my true teachers on this path of Conscious Parenting.

Born in England, raised in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka, lived in London, Washington D.C and New York, I eventually found my home in Long Beach, California.

Having graduated with an LL.B (Hons) from the University of Sussex, England, I was then admitted to the New York Bar. In 2008 I decided to follow my heart working with children so I studied Early Childhood Development and to date continue to attend seminars and conferences in the field to further my knowledge. I am the proud owner of a play-based, nature-inspired, connection-based preschool called Kid Works Children’s Center.

In 2019 I graduated from the Conscious Coaching Institute of Dr. Shefali Tsabary and received my Conscious Parenting Method Certification. Dr. Shefali is a world-renowned parenting expert endorsed by Oprah as the best yet. Through this method of coaching, Parents make great transformations in their own lives and therefore the lives of their children!

I am also a Certified Emotion Code Energy Healer (Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Method) where the inner child wounds/trauma can be identified and released, bringing a more natural and authentic balance to one’s life not only in parenting but also assisting with chronic physical pain.

My experience in Early Childhood Development plays a pivotal role in Conscious Parenting, having observed and worked with hundreds of families and teachers for over a decade.

Let’s talk and find out how I can support you.

Client Love

Dinuka has been a such wonderful coach for me to understand were I was coming from and my stragglers in order to understand my child’s needs and behaviors. Now I train my self to help her and and navigate my parenting style. I feel so much happier and grateful for Dinu for opening my mind to be able to see what I have not seen all these years. My 16 year old is a completely different child with my new attitude. Thank you for having so much patience with me and being so kind/understanding during this process. I love you!


After working with Dinuka I can now consciously pause and be still with my patterns before I take any action. 

Fully knowing that my child is my mirror and a true gift to grow and evolve into my highest self as a mother and person.

I can see and recognize my values and better stay in alignment as I move through this lovely life. I highly recommend working with her.


Dinuka your workshop comes at a time when for many of us stress appears to be climaxing. I am very grateful to find a tribe like this and to listen to your wisdom. my children are my all and in the past 3 to 4 year I have slipped from enjoying them to yelling, being overwhelmed. thank you for teaching, sharing. even daycares from a young age have parents projecting their expectations of toddlers. I have been dealing with walking or running away. I learn from you it is me I need to change, evolve, deconstruct. thank you.


Your life before conscious parenting

  • You’re overwhelmed and exhausted from being a parent.
  • You struggle to truly connect with your kids and wonder what you are doing wrong.
  • You’re repeating generational patterns that you never thought you would.
  • Constantly worrying about how your parenting (or how you’re messing up) and how your kids will turn out.

Your life after conscious parenting

  • You wake up feeling calm and move through your day with intention and presence.
  • You laugh more and prioritize having fun with your kids
  • Your children freely confide in you and your bond is stronger than ever
  • You are filled with hope and trust for your children’s future 

3 Month Group Coaching Program

My signature method for becoming a conscious parent and leaving behind the stress, overwhelm, and reactive parenting.

 We will meet on Zoom bi-weekly to discuss a specific topic where I will also offer hot seat coaching and answer any of your questions.


Here’s a sneak peek of the program curriculum:


Conscious Parenting vs. Traditional Parenting

We don’t know what we don’t know, so let’s examine the difference


Uncover & Transform your Parenting Belief Systems

Beliefs and Parenting create the end result for our experiences as well as our children’s

Break Unhealthy Generational Patterns

Discover How to Shift the Trajectory of your Parenting for the Better

Heal your Inner Child and Recognize the Ego

How to Powerfully Show Up as the Healthy, Compassionate and Empowered Parent

Establish Healthy, Healing and Loving Boundaries

Learn how boundaries can help you stay cool, calm, and connected to your self and children.

Self-Care Tools & Work-life Balance

Learn the importance of self-care, work-life balance and discover tools for success


"Do Less" Method by Kate Northrup

A practical method for doing less and learning to optimize your energy

Mindfulness and transformational tools

Discover practices and tools to deepen your transformation and connection to yourself

This is for you if..

You’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by parenting.

You’ve read all the books, but just can’t seem to make any progress with parenting better.

You’re ready to do the deep, inner work and begin to transform yourself.

This is NOT for you if..

You’re not ready to do the inner work and commit to the process.

You are against meditation and spirituality.

You do not understand that the work is done by the adult and it is not about fixing the child.

The choice is yours, Mama…

You can keep going the way things are hoping that “someday” you’ll figure out this parenting thing…


You can join my group coaching program to get the support and guidance you need to start transforming yourself and your parenting from the inside out.

Where do you want to be in 6 months from now? How about in a year?

Do you have the support and guidance in your current life to get there?

If you’re ready to stop dreaming about the day you feel calm and more connected to yourself and your children, then this program will change everything for you.

Your transformation from overwhelmed and stressed out parenting to calm, conscious parenting starts now!

You can do this even if you’re really busy or feel like your struggle with parenting just runs in the family”


“I’m already so overwhelmed, how can I make time for this program.”

If you’re overwhelmed that is precisely the reason you need this program. Once you learn and implement the principles you will start to feel more calm and less overwhelmed.


“These patterns have been happening in my family for generations, can I really break this trajectory.”

I know it can seem hard and even impossible to break the cycle, but I assure you it is 100% possible and it is your responsibility to not let it continue.

“It’s scary to make an investment in myself. How do I know it’s really worth it?”

Yes, it can be scary to invest in yourself. But what is the alternative? Would you rather stay stuck where you are? If something matters enough to you, you will usually find a way to make it happen. Does becoming a more calm and connected parent matter enough to you?

Join us today!

Transform your Parenting to a Conscious and Connected One


The 3 Month Program includes:
  • On-boarding and Assessment
  • Workbook
  • 6 weeks of Video or Live Trainings
  • 6 weeks of Group Coaching with Dinuka Live
  • Private Facebook Group access
  • Meditations
  • Resources about Child Development and Conscious parenting
  • Inner Child Healing
  • 1:1 Coaching Session with Dinuka
  • Scheduling and Time Management tools

Do you feel you know what the memory is that is blocking or hindering your parenting but find it hard to move forward or release completely? Maybe you find it hard to uncover the generational pattern that is keeping you stuck in your parenting.

Our subconscious mind is fully aware of the trapped emotions that we have held on to or that have been passed on from generations past. This energy healing modality is called the Emotion Code where Dinuka will identify the blocks, the age etc. to release you of this once and for all.

  • Ongoing support and energy clearings as and when needed to identify what needs to be released to release Inner Child Trapped Emotions, Inherited Generational Patterns, and Heart Wall Trapped Emotions also known as the Ego.
Your investment today is $3,997
or 3 monthly payments of $1,599


When You Join Today

You will receive one additional FREE coaching call and exclusive discounts on future coaching.

Frequently asked questions


How is this different from other parenting courses or coaching programs?
There is no one size fits all when it comes to parenting because everyone’s experiences differ growing up. Being guided through this awareness is truly eye-opening and adds a perspective never seen or experienced before. One place of healing can cure many different situations without even realizing it.

Parents will feel lighter, truer and happier on this journey of parenting which is the toughest job on earth. We dig deep into patterns of ourselves but even generational patterns that may not have been so obvious.

The practical tools bring such an awareness of not needing to fix the other, a concept many have not faced in other parenting methods or books. There is no bullet point that can be made for millions of children expecting that bullet point to fit all. Conscious Parenting is a unique deconstruction unlike any other.

What is the time commitment of this program?

The time commitment to watch the videos can range from 1-3 hours a week but the work that you put in to it will be constant as this is where the awareness comes in.  There will be additional videos to watch depending on your availability.

What type of results can I expect to achieve?

You will feel love again like never before.  You will feel calm and controlled with your emotions and reactions.  In fact, your reactions will disappear and turn into responses.

Do you provide 1:1 support with this program or is it only in group form?

Yes, you get three 1:1 coaching support but also ongoing support through the FB group when they arise.  This is the work that is needed and necessary for transformation.  My greatest gift is to see transformation and walk beside you on this journey.

Can I get a refund if I'm unsatisfied?

Due to the nature of this program, there will be no refunds.

Do I get lifetime access to the content?

You will have access to the program for an extra 30 days.  You will have the option to continue in the program for 12  months if you feel this has worked for you and you would like the continued support.  This way, you will have access to the material.  Trust me, during the 6 months, you will see transformation in yourself and your children that you will most likely not need to refer back.

Not sure if Conscious Parenting Coaching is the right option for you?

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